Bots and trolls, fake news and social media involvement in major scandals: credibility and trust are in short supply these days when it comes to digital media.

How do audiences navigate this uncertainty and how does it affect their lives as consumers?
That is the key question the advertising industry has been grappling with in the past months, while at the same time trying to solve an internal issue around transparency and wastage in the programmatic supply chain.

While the media credibility issue has to be dealt with by editors and journalists, the advertising industry is hard at work building solutions that make ad placement more effective and that will serve brands better both on the marketing and the financial side.

ROI and accountability, ad personalization and accurate audience measurements were top of the list priorities among Brand Marketers this year (NewBase Marketing Priorities 2017), underlining the need of better understanding of the consumer and of the industry’s ability to reach them in the optimal and most cost-efficient manner.

Programmatic is on a relentless rise and as NewBase developed its insights platform NewBase:View the word transparency has become a mantra.
Brand safety is at stake and we want to start a conversation about truths behind all the bluster in 2017 and our panelists’ predictions for 2018. We will hear from brands, agencies, industry bodies and research specialists, we want to listen and understand, we want to promote a dialog based on shared knowledge and shared objectives.
We believe this is the only to work towards a system that marketers can trust.


Chair of the Panel:
Andy Vogel
Global Head of Digital Products

Andrew Hare
VP Digital Research and Strategy
Magid Associates

Eric John
Deputy Director, Video Center of Excellence

Mike Monroe
Group Vice President, Project Management, Marketing Operations