October 2019


Turnberry Isle Miami

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55+ Professional Speakers


Festival of Media LatAm 2018 welcomed the world’s most influential media minds for three days of awards, conference sessions and networking.

More than 1200 delegates including global agency CEOs and 300 of the world’s biggest brands debated the latest trends and insights dominating the Latin American media industry.


FOM Connect

FOM Connect provides media owners and tech companies with qualified one on one meetings with advertisers who want to meet them. Take fate out of the meeting equation and let science play networking cupid. Brand delegates that sign up to the Festival are obliged to take part in a number of meetings across the two days of the event and provide us with the type of companies – and in some cases the names of companies – they would love to meet. We provide clients with the opportunity to meet these advertisers and make the right connections with the right people.


If you would like to be considered for a speaking opportunity in 2019, please contact Maria Onofrio

Aaron Yanez

CMO, Clear Channel Mexico

Adriana Grineberg

Regional Director, Facebook Latin America

Alejandro Betancourt

Associate Brand Director, P&G

Alejandro Clabiorne


Anna Araujo

Head of Media at Marketing LATAM, Google

Annabelle Morand

CEO, Webedia LATAM

Belen Urbaneja

Director, Corporate Citizenship & Brand Management, The Walt Disney Company Latin America

Carlos Chaves

VP, Fox Lab

Cesar Christofodiris

VP LATAM & Caribbean, Socialbakers

Claudia Damas

CEO, Altermark

Claudia Romo Edelman

Special Adviser, We Are All Human Foundation

Daniela Novick

VP Research, Fox Networks Group Latin America

Danielle Lee

Global Vice President, Partner Solutions, Spotify

David Shing

Digital Prophet, Oath

Emilio Aliaga

VP Digital, TV Azteca

Eric Tourtel

Senior Vice President, Teads Latin America

Ezequiel Colombo

Ex Secretary of Broadcast Content Presidency of Argentina

Felix Oberholzer-Gee

Andreas Andresen Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean, Chair, MBA Program

Gabriela Wurcel

VP, Corporate Affairs for Latin America & Canada at Philip Morris International Global Services Inc.

Harry Robinson

VP Brand Partnerships, Celtra

Jacqueline Quantrell

Chief Revenue Officer, TripleLift

Jennifer Becerra

Media Account Director for Latin America, Taboola

Jimena Urquijo

Director of Insights and Business Development, Kantar IBOPE Media

John Santiago


Jorge Prado

Founder, Admazing

Juan C. Vallejo

Executive Vice President, Commercial Partnerships, FOX Networks Group Latin America

Julia Dubois

Regional Director, Latin America, Global Supply Evangelism Team, AppNexus

Julian Baring

GM, North America, Adform

Juliette Cuijpers

Senior Sales Director for LATAM, Shutterstock

Karla Gonzalez

Head of Media & Digital Accelaration, Heineken Mexico

Leslie Koch

Director Social Strategy, Turner

Leticia Gasca

Co-Founder, Fuckup Nights and Executive Director, Failure Institute

Louise Kloster

VP Marketing, Adform

Luciana Resende Lotze

SVP Marketing Latin America and Caribbean, Visa

Marcelle Santos

Senior Strategist, LOLA MullenLowe

Marco Antonio Ocando

Senior Director Marketing & Ebusiness, Copa Airlines

Marco Botero

Marco Botero, Head of Sales, Twitter Miami

Maria Fernanda Albuquerque

Marketing Director, Skol

Mark Gorman

CEO, Matrix Solutions

Marta Marquez

#hiddenflag activist

Max Rivera

Commercial Lead LATAM, Snap

Natalia Akel

SVP Marketing Entertainment, FOX Latin America

Pedro Castro

Senior Marketing Manager, Twitter Spanish Speaking Latam

Rafael De Azua

Head of Media & Digital LATAM, COTY

Rebecca Poynton-Murray

Head of Commercial Product, CNN International Commercial & T1

Ricardo Pimenta

Nutrition Vice-President, Latin America, PepsiCo

Robin Bootle

Director, Global Supply Evangelism Team, AppNexus

Rodrigo Manceñido

General Director, Smart Alliance

Rodrigo Vallejo

Principal, Ro2Media

Santiago Darmandrail

Chief Operating Officer, Retargetly

Stan Coignard

Americas CEO, S4M

Valentin Bueno

CEO, Latcom

Yamilet Bermudez

Media Operations Director, IPG Mediabrands

2018 AGENDA Below you will see the topics for our 2018 Agenda. Please keep checking back for updates or alternatively subscribe to our mailing list for the latest event updates.

If you would like to be considered for a slot on this years agenda, please contact Maria Onofrio

The power of storytelling for children well-being

Imagine a media environment where the reach and strength of the stories we tell were used to create social value and promote children well-being. We invite you to embark upon the world of storytelling and explore together how, through example and inspiration, the media industry and everyone of us involved, can become a powerful agent for change and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Let’s get personal: streaming intelligence at work

As media and technology continues to evolve in unexpected, exciting ways, one thing is for certain: personalisation is the future. Find out how the brands and platforms that are personalising with a purpose are earning their users’ trust and understand about Spotify’s approach to personalisation through their streaming intelligence — unique consumer insights derived from music listening behaviour. For marketers, this data presents a unique opportunity to connect with the right audience in the right moment and win.

Humanising your brand: why brands need to embrace empathy

The times of simply stocking shelves with your products and letting people know it’s there are long gone. We, as marketers, have had to think like our consumers and engage with them in much more creative ways. But now, if brands are to thrive, they can no longer sit on the sidelines of social issues – brands need to have a social conscience in order to truly connect with their customers.Recent research has shown that 70% of millennials say they are willing to spend more with brands that support causes or align with their own values. And millennials, as of this year, are spending more than any other generation. So, how do you make the step to have an authentic, heart-felt social message that is true to your brand and resonates with your audience? Join Adriana Grineberg, Facebook’s Regional Director, and Luciana Resende Lotze, SVP Marketing Latin America and Caribbean at Visa, as they discuss Visa’s Causas campaign, and why doing good is good for your business.  

Microsoft transparency & trust: a case study

As automation and artificial intelligence continue transforming the advertising industry, publishers and their technology partners are undoubtedly presented with new quality and transparency challenges. But how can publishers stay ahead of the pack ensuring access to brand-safe, curated, and highly viewable programmatic inventory?

Content that converts: master your native advertising success

  • Branding vs. performance campaigns - What's the right mix for advertisers?
  • The impact of video and transferring dollars from TV to digital
  • Attribution and KPIs: why working with a last-click model is not always the right answer

Scaling visual content creation across channels and borders

As Mary Meeker outlined in her 2017 internet trends report, adults are spending an average of 3+ hours per day looking at digital media on mobile devices. It’s no surprise that this behavior is creating a new paradigm, driving mobile ad spend and an increasing demand for engaging content with shorter time frames to get it done. In this session, Juliette Cuijpers, Senior Director at Shutterstock, addresses the problem of how brands have more options today to create content, yet are not set up to create content at scale. Actionable takeaways include how to scale content across multiple channels, learning which channels to prioritize for maximum engagement, and types of content that will resonate with customers.

Turning “likes” into brand impact: how to capture the power of social media in Latin America

It’s not enough for consumers to see your ads— you need to connect with them emotionally to have real brand impact. We’ll explain how to engage the Latin American audience with a branded content campaign that changes perceptions and drives purchase. Don’t miss these insights honed from Turner’s 700+ social advertising campaigns, launched from leading properties like Esporte Interativo, CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network and Great Big Story

TV real-time engagement: leveraging existing technology to optimize marketing outcomes

As people drastically change the way they consume video content, new challenges emerge for television. Beyond continuously improving the viewer experience and quality of content, upgraded metrics and analytics tools are essential, especially now that variables such as engagement are vital for brand’s marketing outcomes and ROI. Discover how partnerships between media and research companies are using top existing technologies from other fields to pave the way to more futuristic metric systems. From the use of “health-related” wristbands to real-life environment data collection, and all the way to “engagement spillover” these new tools will be at the core of marketing planning and optimization. Furthermore, they’re here to prove TV is anything but dead.

Opening Remarks

Welcome & Introduction to Branded Content on Mobile

Branded Content on Mobile: why content matters and Facebook Anthology’s 2019 showcase

Facebook’s Anthology program brings together brands and the world’s favourite names in entertainment and media to produce content that people love. In this session, learn more about Anthology and get a sneak peek at the upcoming 2019 content slate through the voices of our partners.

The Story of Stories: what your business needs to know about this booming new medium

The growth of vertical, full screen video is changing how consumers communicate and share. In this session, learn about how consumers are using stories, what they expect from business interactions, and hear what Facebook has learned about the best way to build advertising in this medium.

Facebook Watch: the Rise of Captivating Viewing

Video consumption has been a social experience for decades. Families have traditionally gathered around a television screen to watch their favourite shows, movies, sports and events, making it the centre of a truly social experience, but in the age of mobile people have more options when it comes to deciding how, when and where they watch their video. They can watch content on their phones that was once only found at the movies or on TV. At Facebook we are seeing that video is an opportunity to bring people together. In this session we will explore the growth of Watch and the rise of captivating viewing on Facebook.

Latin America’s Love Story with Mobile Video

Latin Americans love mobile video. 78% of people in region watch mobile videos before going to bed. In this session, we will take you on a deep dive into video consumption in Latin America, and reveal the hidden opportunities for brands to connect with Latin Americans. You will discover Facebook IQ’s freshest insights on video consumption and leave with an understanding of how consumers engage more when they fall in love with your brand.

Instagram Stories School

Looking to step up your Instagram Stories game? Designed to elevate the visual experience of storytelling, Instagram Stories is changing the way creators, brands and people connect with the world on Instagram. Get inspired by the creative potential and storytelling power of Instagram Stories, from rainbow text to eraser magic. Get your phone out and join us exploring some secret hacks (and not-so secret features). There are dozens of creative tricks for you to uncover and enjoy – whether you’re here for professional or personal creativity - you just have to know where to look for them.

The creative revolution: the new storytelling

With the rise of mobile and AI, advertising has never been more personal or engaging before. Yet we continue to think like we did 10 years ago. In an age when our eyes spend more time looking at our mobile screens than TV, 80% of ads that run on mobile are recycled from TV with no optimizations or consideration for the digital user experience. Same applies for our metrics to success, there's more to reach and frequency like P&G expert, Alejandro Betancourt, will explain under precision reach, brand equity and sustainable advertising. From making shorter content without compromising branding, to optimizing ads with sound on/off mobile cues, it is an exciting time to be in advertising. Innovation and insights sit at the cross-roads for growth in digital. Dynamic creative optimization has never been easier to produce at high scale, quality and measurability. Thanks to an abundance in data and connectivity, digital campaigns can yield the same if not higher returns than TV alone, and Eric Tourtel from Teads will tell us all about it.

PMI: how a company transformation can change the world

  • Unprecedented change in business model
  • Company transformation based on innovation and technology
  • Smoke free products to replace cigarettes

How a beer brand is breaking category codes

Skol, a Brazilian beer brand, part of the ABInbev portfolio, and one of the biggest beer in the world is breaking down all local category codes – based on traditional and often chauvinistic behavior – to maintain its bold and pioneering essence, leading key conversations and movements in the society.

Reinventing marketing as a force for good: P&G´s approach to gender equality

Gender equality is a priority at P&G. In this session, Alex Betancourt will explain the business case behind Gender Equality, and walk the audience through the strategy P&G is deploying globally, and more specifically in Latin America, from its three main pillars: advertising and brands, corporate programs, and internal engagement. The session will present current best approaches and work the company is advancing to drive gender equality as a core pillar of its diversity strategy

Sube la marea: the power of brands’ engagement

What is a brand's role in building an anthem to celebrate national pride for a historic achievement like qualifying for the world's greatest sporting event, and how a big idea powered by data-driven marketing helped connect an entire country of people through music, sport and wanderlust

Start with relevance and meet the value

Agencies and clients now understand the power and value that starting with the right audience in the right mindset is how a content can be relevant and connect with what matters to them. Start the spark with them, then you can complement with other media.

The new relationship: How tech companies and media owners are building strategic partnerships

As advertising goes deeper into the fourth media revolution we realize it's not the rules but rather the game itself that is changing. The fragmented media landscape once established by adversary competitors is now blurring into strategic business partnerships between the so-called 'frenemies' as a result of the evolution of the marketing industry in the digital age. Successful alliances between tech companies and media owners prove to be effective in closing the gap on issues around data, reach, targetisation, safety and video content demand. These partnerships evidence how today's game is all about pledging allegiance to one kingdom only: brands.

Hack the Future: The Power of Curiosity

Challenge yourself to identify today the traces that will be shaping the future tomorrow. This session will take you on a journey to the future, to give you an understanding of the shift that will take place in what people will be doing and how they will be interacting with technology and businesses – all through the lens of culture, commerce and communication. The Hack the Future series is in Its second edition now, and The Power of Curiosity is an invitation to open our minds and find the right questions that will disrupt the businesses of tomorrow.

The Age of Conversation: Business messaging in the 21st Century

At the core, people crave human connections. It is therefore no surprise that messaging is an integral part of billions of people's daily lives around the world. We estimate over 3.5B people around the world will use a messaging app this year. And over 1 in 2 people say messaging has replaced other types of conversations they are having. In this session we will discuss the opportunity for businesses on Facebook's messaging platforms, and share how we are building out products to help businesses capture that opportunity.

What Modern Communities means for Marketers

The concept of community is as old as humanity itself. But as the world grows increasingly connected online, people are finding more inclusive and expansive ways to build communities. Join this session to discover how the redefinition of communities can inspire more meaningful connections.

Data means Diversity

In 2018 more than ever before, diversity is at the centre of our industry’s conversations. As a result, the opportunities for brands to take action and represent all of us as we truly are in their advertising has never been bigger. The Ads for Equality program provides research, tools and best practices for brands of all sizes, and for all the steps in the journey towards diverse representation. This session wil reveal how we go from talking the diversity talk, to walk the diversity walk








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