What is M.A.P?

The Media Accelerator Programme - M.A.P - is a unique scheme designed to bring the most exciting game-changing new media companies to the attention of CMOs, advertisers and agencies, media buying groups and leading businesses within global media. Using The Festival of Media (which takes place three times a year in Europe, Latin America and Asia) as its platform, M.A.P gives entering companies the opportunity to be assessed by a leading international panel of experienced VCs and marketers.

Every M.A.P entrant will be exposed to The Festival's 3,000 media professionals and promoted on The Festival's web TV strand and in sister channels, such as M&M Global, the global magazine for marketers. M.A.P companies will have access to some of the world's leading local trade titles covering the event. A successful few will be chosen to make formal presentations in The Festival of Media exhibition hall; one company will attain 'Hot Company of the Year' status.

Similar to the schemes that allow companies to pitch to VCs, M.A.P is unique in that it is designed to link capitalised but developing companies to actual trial - leading to client awareness, interest, adoption, long-term relationships and, of course, vital early stage revenues. The Festival of Media's powerful delegation makes M.A.P one of a kind.

Developed in association with the former president of the World Federation of Advertisers, M.A.P attracted more than 30 entering companies in Europe and Latin America in 2011. All of them said they had made "important connections" through the scheme and 40% said that actual business had been conducted during The Festival.



2011 Winner, The Festival of Media Global

The Festival of Media M.A.P. programme provided Simulmedia with a unique opportunity to crystallise and maximise its value proposition to a world-class marketing community. John Piccone, VP sales, Simulmedia

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