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  • 06May
    Global Media Trends 2014 Roundup by eMarketer

    In partnership with Festival of Media Global, eMarketer is pleased to make their Global Media Trends 2014 Roundup available to you. The trends highlighted here reflect the content of the agenda at the 2014 conference as well as the key issues facing the media industry today and in the future. Read more...

  • 15Apr
    Festival of Media 2014 Highlights: It’s all about transparency

    As presenters and delegates at last week's annual Festival of Media Global were voicing concern about the issues surrounding transparency and its growing importance in the digital advertising industry, the IAB UK announced that UK digital ad spend is up 15% year-on-year to £6. Read more...

  • 14Apr
    Mainardo de Nardis of OMD at the Festival of Media Global 2014

    The OMD Worldwide Chief Executive has sounded a rallying cry to all media agencies to be on top of their social media channels if they want to attract top talent from the Millennial's talent pool, otherwise they face the threat of a brain drain. Mainardo de Nardis expressed his concern that the big agency networks were not competing on an even footing with smaller, boutique companies, which can lure in top talent with equity stakes in their companies- an enticement the networks can't offer. Read more...

  • 14Apr
    Susan Jurevics of Pottermore at the Festival of Media Global 2014

    Pottermore, the online home of Harry Potter, is plotting a wave of video content on the site, as it looks to draw in new consumers and add a fresh fillip to the franchise. In 2011, J. K. Rowling partnered with Sony to create Pottermore, in an attempt to keep the franchise alive once Rowling had finished writing the books. Read more...

  • 14Apr
    Bonin Bough at the Festival of Media Global 2014

    Mondelez, Unilever and the other big consumer-facing brands need to "be brave" in their marketing and believe that their brands "can have a bigger voice in culture" than ever before was the rallying cry from a top marketer at Mondelez at the Festival of Media Global conference in Rome. Read more...

  • 11Apr
    Exclusive Video Interviews at the Festival of Media Global 2014

    Festival of Media Global Exclusive: Steve King, ZenithOptimedia Festival of Media Global Exclusive: David Shing, AOL Starcom MediaVest Group speak to Bob Pittman Starcom MediaVest Group speak to Dr. Markus Nordberg Starcom MediaVest Group speak to John Matonis Starcom MediaVest Group speak to Cinzia Morelli-Verhoog Festival of Media Global 2014 Awards Judging The Festival of Media Global Awards 2014 Day 1 wrap up of Festival of Media Global 2014  Read more...

  • 10Apr
    Santander receive prize for record-breaking campaign

    Santander receive prize for record-breaking campaign that engaged with football fans across the Latin America Grupo Santander has been announced as winner of the 'Record-breaking Brand' award at the Festival of Media Global.  The bank, which was praised for creating a campaign that engaged with millions of football fans across Latin America, saw off competition from fourteen other record-breaking brands at the awards ceremony in Rome, Italy, last night. Read more...

  • 09Apr
    Vince Gilligan at the Festival of Media Global 2014

    Fans "would have rebelled" if the producers of Breaking Bad had decided to sell three additional episodes of the show for $75m to DreamWorks Animation and screened them as mini-web episodes, according to the show's creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan. Read more...

  • 09Apr
    Festival of Media Global Day 2 Highlights

    It's been an amazing second - and last - day of the 8th Festival of Media Global, that comes to a closure with conversations on revolutions, altered realities and connections. The morning session started with a Festival First: an entertaining live interview between the Festival Chairman, Charlie Crowe, and Breaking Bad's Creator and Executive Producer, Vince Gilligan. Read more...

  • 09Apr
    Festival of Media Global 2014 Award winners announced

    9 campaigns across 7 different countries win prizes for the global agency Starcom MediaVest Group was awarded Agency Network of the Year last night at the Festival of Media Global Awards in the Rome Cavalieri Hotel, with the most winning campaigns across different countries out of any agency. Read more...


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