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What is the secret to a successful Awards entry? What are the main mistakes entrants make? What are the top tips?

Each year, we bring together the brightest media minds from around the globe to form the esteemed judging panel for the Festival of Media Global Awards. What better people to tap into for insider knowledge and top entry tips, we thought, than the judges themselves.


Top entry tips from Gerhard Louw, Senior Manager: International Media Management at Deutsche Telekom in Germany.

What makes a winning entry from Mike Barrett, EVP, NA Head of Strategy at Universal McCann, US/Global.

Secret entry hints revealed from Julie Chan, International Media Director at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare US.

The secret to successful entries with Bernard Glock, MediaLink in the US.

Top Tips for the perfect Awards entry from Suresh Balaji, Global head of Media and Marketing Innovation, HSBC.


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