How to Enter

The Festival of Media Global Awards is open to everyone involved in advertising and communication from any country around the world. Eligible campaigns must have run between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2014 and may have been implemented globally, regionally or locally.

Two stage submission process

1. All submissions require a written entry along with two images for shortlisting judging.

2. Only if shortlisted, a two minute and a 30 second video reel will be requested for final judging.

Steps for entering

Enter Now

Key dates

  • Final entry deadline*: 20th February 2015
  • Shortlist announcement: 2nd April 2015
  • Awards ceremony: 12th May 2015

*Entry prices

  • Extended entry price: £364 GBP (for submissions made after Tuesday, 13th January 2015, 23.59 GMT until Friday 30th January 2015 23:59 GMT)
  • Late fee: £399 GBP (for submissions made after Friday 30th January 2015 23:59 GMT).

(For all UK participants, VAT will be added)


Part of the skill of writing your entries is how you put yourself, your agency and your media campaign forward. Here are some tips for making sure your entry will engage the judges and stand out from the rest.

1) Less is more, but tell a story

Keep in mind that the judges may have to read through many entries by the time they get to yours. Keep your language basic and avoid using jargon. Long words are not necessary to show you are clever! Present your information to the judges as though you are telling them a story. The beginning should set out your insight and objectives clearly. The middle should explain the strategy, followed by its execution and the end should reveal the results. Bring the campaign to life through descriptive language, good scenario setting, real people and quotes.

2) Create a good first impression and be unique

First impressions count, so make an instant impact by using short and concise sentences. Leave out any unnecessary details which will only overshadow your "big idea". Think about what makes your campaign, team or agency unique and focus your entry on supporting this one main "big idea". One compelling idea is much better than including in as many points as possible, which dilutes the effect and makes the entry confusing to read.

3) Entertain the judges

Think about how you can engage your (probably tired) audience. Add some personality to your write up and make sure your images stand out and are relevant. Most of the judges will not be first-timers and so will have seen and read most things before, so make it memorable. If you just submit a standard summary of your campaign, you're not going to win. Remember, you are never going to win over every judge so the most important thing is to be passionate about what you are saying.

4) Check, check and check again!

Be ruthless when redrafting. Once you've written your rough draft of the entry, read it over several times and cut out unnecessary information. This will make it much clearer. Always check thoroughly for the basics: typos, grammatical mistakes and spelling (especially of the client's name). It's also a good idea to get someone who hasn't been directly involved to cast their fresh eyes over it to double-check clarity. Also, the best entries are put together by a team of people.

5) Don't over claim

It's a set of serious heavyweight judges with lots of experience. They will see straight through exaggeration and unsubstantiated claims can undermine the judges' confidence in the whole submission. If the client won't let you disclose numbers, say that. The success of your entry will then depend on how well you can sell your work using other measures of success.

Check out our four-step guide to successful marketing and media award submissions...





The beginning should set out your insight clearly. Ensure your insight is a 'true' insight - arising from a good piece of research or from being close to your market that, for example, recognises an aspect of or trend in consumer behaviour that creates opportunities for your brands. An example of a "bad" insight: 'We want to target children' An example of a "good" insight: 'We recognised that children aged between 8 and 12, not yet able to join Facebook and other groups, but many already be in possession of a mobile phone are…….' - HOW did you realise? What evidence did you find? Why is this important to the brand? How did this lead to the "big idea" behind your campaign.


Explain how the "big idea" was developed and translated into campaign strategy in response to this insight - e.g.: how the brand / campaign was positioned in its market, how objectives and KPIs were set, why certain media channels were targeted, any information re the thinking behind launch / trial / full roll-out of the campaign; any planning re specific geographic targeting etc.


A strategy can look great on paper, but it is all about the effective delivery, e.g. which media channels were chosen and how were relationships with media channels leveraged to ensure effective implementation of the strategy; how were any content development plans activated etc.


It can be useful if you can put your results into context - how do your results compare to the industry average, or the national population/demographic? How do they compare to the campaign target? Results are an important part of your entry and need to support your initial challenge, insight and demonstrate that your objectives were reached.

Check out last year's winners for inspiration on how to write your winning entry


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