Campaigns can be entered if they have been implemented locally, regionally or globally and between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013.

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2013 Winners

Record-Breaking Brand of the Year

In partnership with Guinness World Records, the Record-Breaking Brand Award celebrate and recognise the greatest record-breaking media campaigns of the last 12 months across the globe.

Best Content Creation Award

This category is about content creation. It is open to all brands, agencies and production organisations that are dealing with brands in order to devise, create and distribute branded content. The work could be in the TV sector or within the online video market. It could be via publications or through apps. The work could be "native" or exist as independent scalable content. Judges will be looking for content that fits with the brand strategy and addresses a clearly-defined marketing challenge as well as having a "fit" with the brand's values. Judges will be looking for innovative creation of intellectual property (IP). How that content is leveraged - whether through licensing and rights selling or through engagement in social media, as evidenced by shares, likes or other engagement metrics will be an important ingredient for making your entry a winner. This is all about "owned" media.

Consumer Research Award

This category recognises the best examples of research-based insight, whether this is consumer insight, futures-based insight, a media insight, or a combination of all three. Entries are open to research bureaus, media monitoring firms, agencies, media owners, associations and even technologists, as long as the impact of research on the campaign strategy is clear. The winning entry must demonstrate that insight has contributed the most to planning strategy or the level of market understanding. This category will be judged on the insight; the method for collecting the research; the application of the insight, and finally the contribution of the insight to the media campaign.

The Data Innovation Award

The Data Innovation Award reflects the achievements of effectively reaching consumers in their increasingly digital lives, which has fuelled programmatic buying, marketing through site targeting and dynamic creative optimisation for instance. The winning entry should demonstrate the smart use of data which has ultimately improved results, as evidenced by metrics such as web conversions, increases in the average order value, a reduction in online CPA or increase in ROI. Pre and post campaign stats will be another useful benchmark for judges.

The Retail Award

This category recognises brands that deliver creative and effective retail activation, closing the loop between promotion and purchase. It can include in-store activation, e-commerce, shopper marketing and retail activation/pop ups, promotional packaging, displays or point of purchase materials.

Best Launch Campaign

The winner in this category will be the campaign which demonstrates the most successful strategy for the launch of a new product, service or brand, or the re-launch of an existing product/service.  Judges will be looking for understanding of the target audience and marketplace.  It will also show the use of a cutting edge media strategy that created standout in the market in order to generate the buzz required to successfully launch or re-launch a product, service or brand

Best Communications Strategy

This category celebrates brands that demonstrate clear consumer insight and through the development of a brilliant and media fertile strategy and precise execution, engage the target audience. This can include any form of media used, whether it's a single or multi-platform campaign.

Best Engagement Strategy

Engage: Recognising the campaign that can demonstrate the most successful engagement showing tangible target audience related results. This category can include a campaign on any media channel that can prove the engagement created at the heart of the strategy - the Jury will place a greater emphasis on audience related results for entries in this category and will be looking for proof of engagement through metrics such as 'time spent with brand', 'number of interactions with the brand', 'number of downloads', 'number of comments' and so on.

Best Entertainment Platform

Entertain: This category recognises the power of a great communications platform (traditional and emerging) and the thinking required to maximise its value. Core to the creation of a successful platform is the ability to entertain the consumer in order to retain attention.

Best Event/Experiential Campaign

Activate: This category recognises brands that deliver an experiential campaign for consumers via events, stunt advertising, guerrilla marketing, projections, roadshows or through sponsorship of an existing property. The experiential campaign will be physical in its core, but can have virtual angles around it.

Best Social Media Campaign

This category rewards innovation in social media. The winning campaign should be able to demonstrate great results. Entries will be judged on the creative use of social platforms and a sound understanding of online consumer behaviour. Judges will be looking for examples of fantastic consumer driven campaigns, community building, targeting, engagement and conversational marketing strategies.

Best Targeted Campaign

Target: This category rewards campaigns that have identified and reached specific audiences. This includes all demographics, from youth to silver surfers and also includes specific target groups (ranging from pet owners, through to ice cream lovers).

Best Use of Content

Create: This category is searching for any campaign that has used creation of content as part of its strategy. This includes everything from ad-funded TV deals to branded music projects. Judges will also be looking for innovative creation of intellectual property (IP) and also examples of how this IP is leveraged.

Best Digitally Integrated Campaign

Interact: This category is seeking entries that have understood and integrated themselves into the digital landscape. It covers all digital media, from web, mobile, IPTV, gaming and search through to affiliate marketing and is looking for great examples of interaction using digital media's unique properties.

Best Use of Technology

Invent: Awarded to the campaign that is seen to exploit new technology to its full potential in the marketing world. The winning campaign will be able to demonstrate a good brand/technology fit and show innovation in the use of the new technology to reach an audience. This category is open to any existing media channel, and any new one created by the use of the technology. Judges will be focussing on the innovative nature of the technology and how it has been applied to a marketing challenge.

Best Use of Mobile

Innovative use of the mobile channel to reach and engage consumers is key in this category. Any form of mobile media will be considered, including mobile Apps, .mobi sites, mobile content or any form of mobile advertising, provided they show how the advertiser has used mobile in a creative and engaging way to obtain great results on clear objectives.

The Creative Use of Media Award

Innovate: This category rewards the innovative use of media, whether based on the channel, placement or format. The judges will focus on the creativity.  They will not be looking for the use of new technology per se, but will reward the interesting use of digital technologies, as well as being open to all media.

The Effectiveness Award

This category will reward the campaign that achieved the most against its stated sales targets. It will focus on sales effectiveness of a campaign above all other considerations - the results section of the entry will account for 40% of the Jury's scores. All entries must include figures showing the campaign's direct impact on sales. Other ROI metrics will only be considered if sales figures are also supplied.

The Utility/Public Service Award

This category is about delivering benefit to the consumer - be it a utility, service, or product that meets a public need, whether it is allied to a charitable cause or not. This could include branded apps, an event or outdoor media for example. In particular judges will be looking at how the activation has generated tangible results for the brand such as sales, enhancement of brand perception or consumer predilection to purchase.

Best Contribution to a Campaign by a Media Owner

Partner: This category recognises the efforts of media owners in their work with advertiser clients to connect with their audiences. Judges are looking for creative application of ideas and innovative strategies. Entries will be judged on the level of creative thinking, consumer insight, and success for the client. The winning campaign could be a multi-platform strategy or a single marketing execution. The entering company must be the media owner.

Download the full list of categories


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