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Known for our creative approach, vibrant team and unrivalled global connections, C Squared brands are the leaders in their markets and offer knowledge and networking to senior decision-makers in advertising across the world. More knowledge means better media, and better media means more engaged consumers.

C Squared's mission is to help the media and marketing industry become more connected and better informed so that it is better equipped to respond to the challenges and opportunities brought about by digital technology and globalisation.

C Squared started life as a consultancy for global brands, advertising agencies and leading media businesses. A lot of hard work over a short period of time has turned us into one of the fastest-growing specialist publishers in the world today. At the end of 2013 Stephen Grabiner made a multi-million pound investment into C Squared further enabling the company's growth trajectory. We understand the complex ecosystem of relationships within the global media and marketing industry and through this knowledge we connect ideas, people and intellectual capital. Around the world, we create the platforms where conversations happen and media trading takes place.

The team at C Squared comes from a broad spectrum of media, publishing, digital, creative and commercial disciplines. Our talent pool means we can deliver high-quality print products, cutting-edge digital channels and rewarding conference experiences that create the best platforms for trading, learning and debate. We're really proud of our ability to provide exclusive insight, trusted information and high-level networking opportunities for marketing and media professionals across the world.

The C Squared award-winning brand portfolio includes The Festival of Media which takes place in Europe, Latin America and Asia; M&M Global and Cream.



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