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FOMG_logo_160_V2The Festival of Media Global was launched in Venice in 2007 to worldwide industry acclaim. Drawing together the global leadership of media agency networks with the most innovative media owners and the world's most powerful and progressive marketers, the Festival has become the premier forum of debate for an industry undergoing profound structural change.

With "media" at its heart, the Festival of Media is the only event that draws together themes such as branded content, advertising and social media, free versus paid-for media models, the future of measurement, procurement in marketing and transformative consumer trends.

Known by some as "The Davos of advertising", the event attracts leaders from international and pan-regional advertisers, media agencies and media owners. It brings to the global industry a cutting-edge conference, an exhibition for vendors and technologists to promote initiatives to agencies and clients; as well as a variety of networking and thought leader opportunities.

FOMG_awards_vert_rgb.jpgIn 2009, the Festival of Media launched a Global Awards ceremony that is now one of the world's largest advertising ceremonies by number of entries, attracting work from more than 40 countries. Now in its eighth year, the Global Festival is firmly established on the international calendar.


Praise for the Festival of Media Global, in the words of attendees

David Pullan, Global Lead, Team Unilever, Mindshare
"FOM remains a great focal point for the media business and a place to see and hear the latest thinking. With media increasingly driving the pace of change in today's complex marketing industry, it is essential that media has its own dedicated event."

Iain Jacob, CEO, EMEA, Starcom Mediavest Group
"FOM is unsurpassed in the way that it focuses the leaders in the media communications business on collectively addressing the issues that are transforming our industry."

Luis Di Como, SVP, Global Media, Unilever
"The FOM Awards has been another milestone in my career. The result is a legacy that we leave to the industry, guiding and inspiring the advertising community in this endless journey towards excellence in communication."

Andrea Febbraio, CEO, Italy, ebuzzing
''It rocks !!! N.1 place for great networking''

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