21-23 May 2019


Rome Cavalieri, Italy

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80+ Professional Speakers

The only event dedicated to the world's biggest spending brands, agencies, media owners and tech companies

Festival of Media Global is the foremost congregation of high level decision makers in the $1 trillion international advertising industry.

Our inspiring two-day conference agenda will showcase the very latest in media thinking, with insights from the world’s most prominent brand CMOs, most powerful media executives and most pioneering innovators.

Attendees can look forward to unrivalled opportunities to network and do business with the most important players in the industry.



If you would like to be considered for a speaking opportunity in 2019, please contact Maria Onofrio at Please keep checking back for the latest speaker updates or alternatively subscribe to our mailing list for the latest event updates.

Alanna Gombert

Global CRO, MetaX

Alessandra Di Lorenzo

Chief Commercial Officer, Media & Partnerships,

Andrew Warner

Chief Mischief Officer, Susumi

Angela Everitt

Director Creative Strategy, The Economist Group

Ansel Araujo

Vice President, Global Creative Brands, Storyful

Barbara Sołtysińska

Co-Founder, indaHash

Beatrice Lindvall

Global Head of Media, Danone

Cadi Jones

Commercial Innovation Director, Clear Channel Outdoor

Caroline Hugonenc

VP Research, Teads

Carrie Timms

Vice President of Global Media, Categories and Partnerships, Unilever

Chris Hayek

Head of Global Media, Shell

Claire Valoti

GM International, Snapchat

Coco Masters

Chief Producer & Global Content Manager, Nissan

David Indo

CEO, ID Comms

Dominic Chambers

Global Head of Digital Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover

Douglas Wood

Partner, Reed Smith

Dr. Caroline Casey

Award-winning Social Entrepreneur

Duncan Southgate

Global Media Brand Director, Kantar

Emi Gal

CEO, Teads Studio

Emma Winchurch-Beale

International Sales Director, The Washington Post

Frederik Scholten

Head of Marketing & CRM, Telco 3

Gemma Greaves

Chief Executive, The Marketing Society

Gerhard Louw

Senior Manager, International Media Management & Digital Transformation, Deutsche Telekom

Graham Brown

Co-Founder, Mediasense

Hasan Arik

CEO & Founder, RedMill Solutions

Ismael El Qudsi

CEO, SocialPubli

Jacob Lachmann

CEO, Audience Project

Jason Foster

Founder and CEO, Cynozure

Jay Stevens

President, Hudson Exchange

Joanna Burton

VP European Strategy, SpotX

John Dawson

MD, ScanmarQED

John Montgomery

EVP Brand Safety, GroupM

John Snyder

CEO, Grapeshot

Julia Goldin

Global Chief Marketing Officer, The LEGO Group

Julian Baring

General Manager Americas, Adform

Kieron Matthews

MD EMEA, Flock Associates

Kristen O’Hara

CMO, Time Warner

Léon Siotis

Managing Director, UK and Southern Europe, SpotX

Marco Bertozzi

VP Europe, Spotify

Mark Alford

Head of Digital, Sky News

Mark Heap


Mats Stigzelius

CEO, Takumi

Michele Oliver

VP of Marketing, Mars Chocolate UK

Mikela Eskenazi

Chief Commercial Officer, Blippar

Neil Harbisson

Artist and Cyborg Activist

Nick Manning

SVP, Medialink

Nicole Kane

Global Media Director, McDonald's

Nikki Mendonça

Global President, Accenture Interactive Operations

Paul Wright

CEO, iotec

Peter Loell

Director Annalect, Omnicom Media Group

Philip O’Ferrall

EVP, Viacom Velocity International

Sam Fay

SVP Global Brand Strategy, Guinness World Records

Sam Phillips

CMO, Omnicom Media Group UK + Chair, OPEN (Omnicom People Engagement Network) UK + Assistant Dean, Omnicom University

Samantha Glynne

Global Vice President of Branded Entertainment, FremantleMedia

Sarah Armitage

International Media Director, LVMH

Sarah Mold

Ecommerce & Digital Manager, Smashbox

Scott Knoll

CEO, Integral Ad Science

Shaul Olmert

Co-Founder & CEO, Playbuzz

Simon Francis

CEO, Flock Associates

Simon Peel

Global Media Director, Adidas

Sneha Nagesh

Global Business Director, PHD

Stéphane Coruble

Managing Director, RTL AdConnect

Stéphane Rydlewski

Sports Marketing Platforms Lead, Toyota Europe

Sven de Smet

Head of Brand, Consumer Journey & Communications, Volvo Cars

Theo Theodorou

GM EMEA, Groundtruth

Tia Castagno

Head of Innovation and Content, Vizeum Global

Toccara Baker

Head of Product Marketing at Adobe Advertising Cloud, EMEA

Wenda Harris Millard

Vice Chairman, MediaLink

Will Swayne

President, Carat Global

Zehra Chatoo

Head of Strategy Development, Manning Gottlieb OMD


We are currently working on our 2019 agenda, please contact Maria Onofrio at Below you will see the topics we discussed during the 2018 Festival. Please keep checking back for updates or alternatively subscribe to our mailing list for the latest event updates.

The Renaissance of our Species

This talk will explore how taking an active part in our own biological evolution is no longer a theory, but an option. Becoming technology, instead of using or wearing technology, opens up the possibility of having additional organs and senses beyond the ones confined to our species. By merging ourselves with technology we can become the designers of our own body and perception; and we can increase our survival possibilities in earth and in outer space. Are we witnessing the renaissance of our species?

Purpose and future: unleash creativity and inspiration through AI

Emi Gal, CEO of Teads Studio & CMO of Teads will talk about how artificial intelligence will impact the lives of those working in the advertising industry, how the creation of ads will be transformed by AI as well as about the possibility that AI will automate most, if not all, jobs in the advertising industry.

Inspiring the builders of tomorrow: How LEGO is engaging a new generation of kids and parents

Digital marketing has transformed every industry and left no one unaffected by the opportunities and challenges it presents. As new communication mediums emerge with different media formats to deliver a brands’ message, LEGO has quickly taken note. Join LEGO’s chief marketing officer Julia Goldin and Wenda Harris Millard, Vice Chairman, MediaLink to discuss some the biggest transformers and disruptors that are driving LEGO’s approaches to how the company engages and inspires the builders of tomorrow.

Reimagining partnerships in the attention economy

Brand marketers are taking the lead in creating more strategic and direct relationships with media platforms What does this mean for the role of agencies, how do clients ensure they get the best deal, how do they get around issues such as GDPR and negative headlines.

Taking charge. Driving change

Global media leaders share how they are gaining advantage from innovating operating models and focusing on building talent and capabilities.

Is sound important in mobile advertising?

More and more people are watching ads on mobile and a large percentage of consumers are watching them without sound - So do these ads work? Is sound always important given the context of where / how the ads are being consumed? Discover how to maximise creative effectiveness on mobile

AR will enhance how we live, work, play, socialise and shop

While brands started to experiment with AR-based campaigns, the cost and uncertainty of the technology have held them back from viewing it as a fundamental part of their marketing strategy. How can marketers understand the opportunities AR presents for their business and start preparing for it?    

Machines can now understand emotions: using biometric AI to understand your audience

Why are we more likely to eat an unhealthy cookie if it has a cute face iced on it? The truth is that the vast majority of decision making is done on an automatic, subconscious and emotional level. Drawing on behaviour science, Jing will discuss the animal brain versus the conscious brain, and how our subconscious is affected by the environment.

Uncovering the power of place

Location has evolved way beyond the ‘nearby free coffee mobile voucher’ analogy! In this session, you will discover 5 ways in how location is revolutionising the marketing strategy; from uncovering intelligent insight, to new ways to reach relevant audiences, to redefining how we buy digital when there is proven impact in the real world. Come and experience what can be achieved when you build off something real.

Modern interaction: what can marketers learn to apply AI effectively

The demonstrable growth of challenger brands in the beauty industry begged the question - can a heritage brand maintain its relevance in a rapidly changing market? Through proprietary research, we set out to quantify the relationship between challenger behaviours and purchase intent, and whether an established brand has the right to play in this space. Our findings led to a shift in strategy across key Estee Lauder Companies brands, with SmashBox beauty leading the way, transforming its approach to tech first with the launch of the hugely successful SmashBOT.

The future of digital marketing: putting the consumer first

The past decade has seen enormous growth in the presence of digital media in consumers’ lives.  This growth is unfortunately increasingly accompanied by consumer distrust of the digital eco-system, annoyance at the ways in which marketing is conducted and tune out from media.  The future of marketing relies on putting the consumer first by leveraging technology, marketing practice and thoughtful handling of data in order to re-establish a positive relationship between media and the consumer.

Content for humanity

It’s impossible to escape the news, and perhaps even harder to ensure the news we publish is fully consumed by audiences. For brands and publishers who tell stories online, cutting through the noise of a news cycle tainted by the spread of misinformation comes with a steep learning curve. This panel will address how engagement-based content can positively impact society’s well-being and address how journalists, agencies and platforms have adapted to an online space that is no longer consistently reliable or safe. With diminishing attention spans as a jumping off point, the conversation will touch on why it’s crucial that media owners and brands work together to ensure that sensitive topics are more accessible and impactful, and what the most useful tools and platforms can be relied upon to ensure stories are digested as the world gets even more complicated. This includes addressing how we must redefine what constitutes success, how to achieve meaningful distribution and why embracing the ‘good’ UGC to amplify messages in an authentic manner can amplify conversations.

Five advertising considerations for a screen less digital environment

With the digital audio and voice assistant growth, the time audiences are spending in screen-less digital environments is on the rise.  Come discover how brands can adopt a number of tactics and strategies to maintain resonance in environments where visual references to the brand are non-existent

The art of Instagram advocacy

It is clear from our consumer research and from the emergence of 'social only' consumer brands that social media influence not only works but is a permanent new channel of brand communications. However, the power of influencer communications is not only driven by the enabling technologies, but by the mastering of the creative content production. This talk discusses the human side of this creative content production (influencer selection and the importance of the campaign brief) and how the best quality content can drive better marketing performance across all other channels also.  

Bigger isn’t always better

Higher engagement, authenticity and affordability are three compelling reasons to consider using the power of micro-influencers. How big brands work with micro-influencers and how to find the right Influencers for your campaign. Because WE ALL ARE INFLUENCERS.

The ethical change that’s needed in adtech

The industry has jumped on the word ‘transparency’ when talking about digital media as a way of proving it has an ethical heart. But the meaning and importance of the word has become diluted and generalised. Until transparency is rewarded, bad practices will continue. We must change our core business values and behaviours in order to see a change happen. If we want a healthy ad supported digital ecosystem, then transparent and ethical practices must become the standard.

The art & science of personalised ad experiences

You bought the ad space, and now it's time to show an ad. Decisions made in that micro-second can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign—the creative the customer interacts with affects the perception of your brand. Learn how Adobe delivers data-driven, personalised campaigns, and hear about Adobe’s vision for collaborative tools to empower creative and marketing teams to deliver engaging customer experiences. Learn about:
  • The role of data-driven creative strategies
  • How brands have personalised their creatives
  • Adobe’s vision for seamless integrations between creative and marketing tools.

Dare to do more with your data

We hear so much these days about the possibilities of big data and what it can do for your organisation but the reality is that we don’t all have this data to play with. In this talk, we will examine whether data-led strategies are still feasible using the data we already have.

Gemma Greaves in a brave conversation with Mitch Oliver

Expect a no-holds barred conversation featuring The Marketing Society’s Chief Executive and Global Corporate Brand and Purpose Director of Mars Mitch Oliver. Mitch is a marketing leader at the top of her game and Gemma lives and breathes everything she does at The Marketing Society through a brave lens - pushing boundaries, tackling taboos, creating comfortable spaces to have the uncomfortable conversations. Both have agreed to be completely honest. Nothing will be out of bounds as you eavesdrop on a frank and brave conversation showcasing the human side of our industry.

Is advertising no longer owned by the agencies? What does the network now look like and what are clients looking for?

With the rise of management consultancies, brands going directly to the tech giants and developing their campaigns in-house, how are agencies going to reinvent themselves? What are clients looking for when they review their media account?

How is digital innovation changing out of home advertising

The Voice revolution is here: what is your game plan?

Voice Technology is disrupting how we interact with the world. This has happened before – with the Internet, Mobile, Social Media. Fast and brave adopters found ways to succeed. Now, Voice facilitates conversations, but also brings several challenges. What is the sound identity of your brand? How can Brands and Marketers leverage this sensory but non-visual medium?

GDPR and its implications – considering the spirit or the letter of the law?

GDPR comes into effect in a few weeks on May 25th and will impacting all aspects and participants in the advertising ecosystem. Our esteemed group of panelists who represent differing perspectives in the ecosystem will discuss how they have prepared their companies and stakeholders for the impending legislations and consider the potential implications for the future of advertising, marketing, technology and media.

It’s more than just collecting data: It’s how you use it that defines your business

Picking a dream team to navigate a data-lead industry

Being a top Olympic & Paralympic partner: beyond the sponsorship exercise

A first insight into Toyota’s Olympics and Paralympics’ partnership, stories and content. How to make a worldwide stage a true catalyst for change? Contributing to making an ever better and more inclusive society through both sports and mobility.

How synthesis sells today: Brand storytelling through the authentic voice

The early 19th century German philosopher, Georg W.F. Hegel is best known for his system of inquiry into the nature of reality and in particular the categories of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. Hegel argued that whenever there is one trend there will be an opposite one and what works is what is actually in the middle; the synthesis. When we apply this to brand storytelling, we find that the most authentic voice is the middle ground between the brand and the audience. In this talk Barbara will explore how influencer marketing is the half-way point between reality and illusion and how it can be used to create a brand message that is both professional and authentic.












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