21-23 May 2019


Rome Cavalieri, Italy

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80+ Professional Speakers

A BEACON OF HOPE FOR MEDIA: Curated by advertisers for advertisers. Connecting engaged brands with the new media landscape.

Festival of Media is an immersive event connecting engaged advertisers looking for new media and marketing solutions, tools and innovation with media agencies, vendors and tech companies in one venue for two days.



The line-up for Festival of Media Global 2019 promises to be better than ever. Join our confirmed speakers to share your story and inspire the industry. Contact Maria Onofrio at

Alessandra Di Lorenzo

CEO, Forward,

Anuj Dahiya

Global Digital Head, Mondelez International

Cecilia Borglund

Global Media Manager, Volvo Cars

David Indo

CEO, ID Comms

Douglas Wood

Partner, Reed Smith LLP

Ellie Norman

Director of Marketing and Communications, Formula 1

Gemma Greaves

Chief Executive, The Marketing Society

George Webster

Creative Director, HP Studios

Gerry D’Angelo

Global Media Director, P&G

Glen Calvert

Commercial Director, Fnatic

Graham Brown

Director, Co-Founder, MediaSense

Hasan Arik

Founder and CEO, Redmill Solutions

Ian Cairns

Global Performance Marketing Director, Just Eat

Jakob Stigler

Co-Founder, Mano

James Shoreland

Chief Client Officer, Initiative UK & EMEA

Jeetendr Sehdev

New York Times bestselling author and Celebrity Branding Authority

Jeremy Gilbert

Director of strategic initiatives, The Washington Post

Joanna Burton

VP European Strategy, Spotx

Jonathan Lowth

Creative Director, Bang & Olufsen

Kim Kadlec

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Visa Inc.

Lottie Unwin

Founder, The Copy Club

Louise Johnson


Marcella Bergamini

Communication Projects, Media Solutions and Buying Senior Advisor, Danone ELN

Michel Lambert

Global Media Director, Communications & Digital, Carlsberg

Misha Sher

Worldwide Vice-President, MediaCom Sport & Entertainment

Nadine Karp McHugh

SVP Omni Media, Strategic Investments, Programmatic and Creative Solutions, L'Oréal

Nicole Haman

Digital Sales Director, RTL AdConnect

Oliver Maletz

Head of International Communication and Media Planning, Volkswagen

Olivier Gauthier

Founder, COMvergence

Pascal van Ham

Head of Marketing, Tony's Chocolonely

Patrick Melville


Paul Kandel

Head of Strategy, Intel Sports

Paul Polizzotto

Founder and CEO, Givewith

Peter Sellis

Head of Product Management, Snap

Poorna Bell

Award winning journalist and author

Rachel Morman

Group Head of Social, TUI

Richard Frankel

Creative Director, Spotify

Robert Rakowitz

Global Media Director, Mars

Sam Phillips

CMO, Omnicom Media Group UK + Chair, OPEN (Omnicom People Engagement Network) UK + Assistant Dean, Omnicom University

Sarah Mansfield

VP Global Media, Unilever

Stacey Stockwell

A.O. Dip (Autism Awareness) Musical Theatre/Performance Signer DeafBlind Communicator-Guide

Terence Kawaja

Founder and CEO, LUMA

Toccara Baker

Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Advertising Cloud, EMEA

Tom Denford

Chief Executive Officer, North America ID Comms

Valentina Media Torrusio

TCCC Connections Manager Central-Eastern Europe, The Coca-Cola Company

Xenia Olajosova

Global Director of Media & Online Marketing, Duracell


We are currently working on our 2019 agenda, please contact Maria Onofrio at Please keep checking back for updates or alternatively subscribe to our mailing list for the latest event updates.

Welcome Drinks Reception – Networking in the 21st Century

Join us on the 8th floor of the Cavalieri Hotel to enjoy the best views Rome has to offer

To establish strong and long-lasting relationships in the 21st Century, learning new networking practices are paramount. For the first time at Festival of Media Global, an exclusive and engaging session on how to share ideas, inspire, mentor, coach and support each other will be taking place during the official Festival Welcome Reception. We are collaborating with Lottie Unwin, Founder of The Copy Club in London, to create an amazing introduction to the event which aims to improve understanding of trending networking practices.

Introduction to the Festival

The media industry has started to undergo a disruptive transformation at the hands of technology and at the heart of purpose. Join the Festival of Media’s CEO, Jeremy King, to get an insight on the Festival before the start of DAY 1.

#Unfiltered: Transparency, Honesty and Authenticity in the social media era

Jeentendr Sehdev, author of the New York Times’ bestseller “The Kim Kardashian Principle” will share with us on stage the six principles of SELFIE: surprise, expose, lead, flaws, intimate and execute. In this new #unfiltered world, how do we draw the line between what’s accepted and what is not?

Speaker: Jeentendr Sehdev,  New York Times bestselling author and celebrity branding authority 

The Braver and Bolder conversation

Following last year’s session success, Gemma Greaves will continue to ask the right questions to a brand representative to create an even braver and bolder conversation. This year join her and Ellie Norman, Head of Marketing from Formula 1 for one of the most exciting session at the Festival.

Speakers: Gemma Greaves, Chief Executive, The Marketing Society & Ellie Norman, Head of Marketing, Formula 1

The ultimate mission: ending modern slavery while making chocolate

While it is well known that most of the world's cocoa supply to make chocolate comes from farms in West Africa, it is quite shocking to know that these farms enslave people and keep them in a poverty trap. Equally disturbing it is to acknowledge that all this is dominated by a handful of chocolate giants that profit from keeping the price of cocoa as low as possible.Since its conception, Tony’s Chocolonely has had one major goal: to change that, because you can still enjoy chocolate and care about people, right?

Speaker: Pascal van Ham, Head of Marketing, Tony's Chocolonely

Better faster, better faster

Global marketer, Ian Cairns directs every aspect of his marketing at speed. Join him in a frank conversation with Graham Brown to understand how companies like Just Eat navigate a media landscape, which is having to rapidly adapt to meet the impatient demands of today’s connected consumer. Fuelling this conversation will be the latest findings from the third iteration of MediaSense’s Media 2020 report, which is from qualitative and quantitative interviews with 250 senior marketers.

Speakers: Ian Cairns, Global Performance Marketing Director, Just Eat & Graham Brown, Director and Co-Founder, MediaSense

Surround Sound: Reaching the Next Generation in the Age of Streaming Audio

In the streaming era, consumers have access to more content and digital experiences than ever before. And those experiences aren't just visual, as audio has taken center stage. The time is ripe for brands and advertisers to leverage the unique power of this exploding medium.

Speaker: Richard Frankel, Creative Director, Spotify


Enjoy our complimentary delegate lunch

Content, Innovation & Sports Zones begin

Following the closure of the main stage, three zones will be taking place concurrently at the Festival. Attendees can choose between a content zone where contemporary topics will be discussed, an innovation zone where all things tech, data and futuristic will be presented and a sports zone where esports, sports marketing, and podcast sessions introducing industry celebrities will be staged.

How to be an effective global media director in 2019?

What does it take to be an effective media director in a complex and fast-moving media industry? The role of the media director has changed hugely in recent years, demanding more attention spread over a wide range of adjacent functions. At the same time, the scrutiny placed on a company's media investments has also grown, placing the role of the media director in the spotlight to take greater accountability and drive innovation and change. How do the most successful media directors navigate this challenge to find success for their companies? Join Tom Denford from ID Comms and Xenia Olajosova, Global Director of Media and Online Marketing at Duracell to learn their secrets for being a highly effective media leader within large global marketing organizations in a complex digital age.

Speaker: Tom Denford, CEO, North America, ID Comms & Xenia Olajosova, Global Director of Media and Online Marketing, Duracell

Awards Ceremony

The region’s most senior marketing and media executives from all corners of the industry devote their time to the judging process for The Festival of Media Global Awards.

Coping with the complexities of the new media landscape

From transparency to viewability and ANA discussions and in order to keep up with the latest trends of the new media landscape, join this panel discussion and find out what the future holds for the media and advertising world, why a company’s perspective and purpose shapes a business and how brands should behave to be able to succeed in 2020.

Speakers: Kim Kadlec, SVP Global Marketing, VISA Inc., Nadine Karp McHugh, SVP Omni Media, L'ORÉAL, Oliver Maletz, Head of International Communication and Media Planning, Volkswagen, & Valentina Media Torrusio, CEE Data & Productivity Connections Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

What are the seven film structures behind the greatest advertising campaigns?

Focusing on seven key movies this session will use them to explain the systematic and learnable storytelling structures behind the most effective advertising campaigns of all time. Join George Webster, Creative Director at HP Studios on this never-before-heard session.

Speaker: George Webster, Creative Director, HP Studios

The Restoring Trust – A Transparent Journey

Stilled mired in controversy, debate, and denials, trust among brands and media agencies, amidst a murky ecosystem, continues to be threatened. Douglas Wood, a partner with Reed Smith LLP and General Counsel for the Association of National Advertiser, will moderate a panel on the work of the ANA’s newly established Trust Consortium. Join him in an exclusive discussion with Hasan Arik, Founder and CEO at Redmill Solutions, Sarah Mansfield, VP Global Media at Unilever and Cecilia Borglund, Global Media Manager at Volvo Cars.

Speakers: Douglas Wood, Partner, Reed Smith & Hasan Arik, Founder and CEO, Redmill Solutions & Sarah Mansfield, VP Global Media, Unilever & Cecilia Borglund, Global Media Manager, Volvo Cars

Making a success of social impact: cultivating a unique approach to consumer engagement

Today, social impact campaigns that lack tangible impacts and meaningful metrics can seriously damage a brand’s image. So, how can brands create a successful social impact campaign while still maximizing sales uplift? Who in the company is responsible for driving these projects and what talent does it require to make it happen? During this session with the founder and CEO of Givewith Paul Polizzotto, learn about the best practices for social impact advertising and see first-hand the ways that brands can develop and execute meaningful, more engaging social impact advertisements.

Speaker: Paul Polizzotto, Founder and CEO, Givewith

The Brand Resilience Concept

Having been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Paddy Melville has experienced an awakening and has reached a major conclusion: happiness, confidence and the power of now are key areas to overcome traumatizing experiences, move on with life regardless of the situation, and have a purpose to look forward to. Join Paddy on this motivational talk to understand how to get right your personal brand, take care of yourself and those around you and live a happy and joyful life.

Speaker: Paddy Melville, Motivational Speaker and Trainer and Founder, Melville Solutions

NextGen Storytelling at the Washington Post

The Washington Post is one of the most innovative companies in the world, leveraging technology for the benefit of journalists and readers alike. Core to this strategy is the use of AI and automation to transform the Post newsroom and tell stories in never-before-seen ways. Hear from Jeremy Gilbert, director of strategic initiatives, on how The Post is building and leveraging this technology to grow its readership and expand audience loyalty.

Speaker: Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives, The Washington Post

Want some GenZ attention?

Moderated by Anuj Dahiya, Global Digital Head of Mondelez, this panel discussion will explore the opportunities and challenges behind the huge success of smartphones mobile videos in gaining younger generations’ attention.

Speaker: Anuj Dahiya, Global Digital Head, Mondelez Intl. & Rachel Morman, Group Head of Social, TUI

Global Video Trends: Building your brand with TV and YouTube

When you think about its incomparable reach, quality content production, ad effectiveness, ability to innovate through addressable TV, new ways of programmatic buying, virtual reality, and its ability to adapt to all audiences… TV is still unrivalled! This session will analyse the biggest trends in Total Video, how those trends vary from Asia to Europe to America and explore how to take advantage of a new content ecosystem, from TV to YouTube.

Speaker: Nicole Haman, Digital Sales Director, RTL Adconnect

OTT: the new of way of watching and enjoying TV

Joanna Burton, VP European Strategy of Spotx will be moderating an exciting OTT discussion and will explore its future, consumer expectation, how to give viewers what they want and the growth of the OTT market.

Speaker: Joanna Burton, VP European Strategy, Spotx

Unifying AdTech and MarTech to achieve customer-centricity

How are the industry's most successful brands prioritising a unified infrastructure to improve customer experiences, reduce cost and increase revenue? Today's customer requires truly personalised experiences. Developing a better understanding of your audiences, uniting disparate data and inventory solutions, whilst eliminating media channel silos is the only way to achieve this. Find out how to take your advertising strategy from disparate exposures to connected advertising experiences.

Speaker: Toccara Baker, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

Esports: Why, how and what does it mean for brands?

This sessions aims to unlock and the power of esports for advertisers. Passion based marketing often delivers the best marketing messages, but how do advertisers use it successfully? What are the biggest challenges? What are buying in this space and why?

Speaker: Glen Calvert, Commercial Director, Fnatic

Facilitation, Individualisation and Immersion: How technology will transform how brands engage with fans through sport

Over the next five years, technology is going to completely transform the sports experience for fans. Louise Johnson, CEO at Fuse and Paul Kandel, Head of Strategy at Intel will discuss how brands should be future-proofing themselves to take greater ownership of fan relationships and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Speakers: Paul Kandel, Head of Strategy, Intel & Louise Johnson, CEO, Fuse EMEA

Ronaldo syndrome: The ‘Me Too’ Trap of Sports Marketing. Winning with authenticity!

Sports marketing is such a rich space in which to engage with consumers yet so much value is left on the table by lack of originality and authenticity.  Brands are either replicating what’s been done a million times or trying to own territories in which they have no permission to play in.  If all you’re going to do is replicate what has already been done, why bother? Join Misha Sher, Worldwide VP at MediaCom Sport & Entertainment, an industry veteran with over +15 years of experience.

Speaker: Misha Sher, Worldwide Vice President, MediaCom Sport & Entertainment

Sports not so new frontier, the Podcast.

Podcasts have been around for more than a decade, but they are this year’s ‘content’ just why, how and do brands use them as part of their marketing campaigns?

Emotive, authentic, alluring and live

Sports entertainment is the saviour of TV advertising and we can prove it. The Super Bowl, The World Cup Final and the Olympics are just three of the events that prove TV advertising is very much alive and kicking.

Raising Awareness Take 1: Let’s talk about mental health

In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year. Suicide, a wholly preventable death, is the leading cause of death among men under 45. While opening day 2, Poorna Bell will help us deconstruct the myth around mental health and teach us how brands and media agencies can help modernising the role of men and women in society and loosening up gender roles.

Speaker: Poorna Bell, Award Winning Journalist and Author

Raising Awareness Take 2: Bolstering Disability Inclusion

How is the disability panorama in the workplace looking like for the media and ad industry? Following last year presentation, an updated version of what companies, brands and agencies are doing and not doing will be discussed. During this session, our motivational speakers will work on removing misconceptions surrounding disability in a fun, interactive and entertaining way. Are you part of the change?

Speakers: Sam Phillips, CMO, Omnicom Media Group UK & Stacey Stockwell, A.O. DIP (Autism Awareness) Musical Theatre/Performance Signer Deaf-blind Communicator-guide

Fire your CMO: Learn from the success of D2C brands…or else!

The much-heralded global success of disruptor Direct-to-Consumer (“D2C”) brands is not a fluke: they have a vastly different approach to marketing from CMO skills to tools deployed and incentives. It’s almost as if it’s too late for traditional marketers to reinvent themselves. Or is it? Find out from Terence Kawaja, CEO and Founder of Luma, if new approaches to design, customer service, media, data and technology can be learned or if it’s time to fire your CMO and start a fresh.

Speaker: Terence Kawaja, CEO and Founder, LUMA

Purpose, privacy and apps

How does a business create a successful consumer app, which protects privacy, delivers what its users want and understands the culture of privacy across all of its innovations? This session, led by Peter Sellis, Director of Product Management at Snap Inc, will explore the challenges of privacy, attracting advertisers and curating a successful business.

Speaker: Peter Sellis, Director of Product Management, Snap Inc.

Media Sustainability: Marketers’ responsibility for the long-term health of the global media industry

When it comes to talking and acting on sustainability, we are missing a vital topic area – Media & Advertising. In this session, Robert Rakowitz, Global Media Director of Mars Inc will explain why sustainability should not stop at how we source and package our products and why it should extend into marketing, media, and advertising.

Speakers: David Indo, CEO, ID Comms & Robert Rakowitz, Global Media Director, Mars

Analysing in-housing v outsourcing- latest models and challenges

The trend of ‘in-housing’ vs. outsourcing is a recognition by marketers that marketing is vital to driving sales and enterprise value, and that companies want to control the process and data involved across paid, earned and owned media.  The fragmentation of media and data, supply chain issues, legacy organizations, regulatory uncertainty and strained agency relationships make this challenging.  Join us for this exclusive panel to discuss how brands are thinking about taking parts of the process in-house, and what has to be true to be successful.

Speaker: Ramsey McGrory, Chief Revenue Officer, Mediaocean & & Josep Hernandez, Sr. Director Media & Total Connections Planning, Pepsico & Marcella Bergamini, Integrated Projects, Media Solutions & Buying Senior Advisor, Danone ELN


Enjoy our complimentary delegate lunch

Content, Innovation & Sports Zones begin

Following the closure of the main stage, three zones will be taking place concurrently at the Festival. Attendees can choose between a content zone where contemporary topics will be discussed, an innovation zone where all things tech, data and futuristic will be presented and a sports zone where esports, sports marketing, and podcast sessions introducing industry celebrities will be staged.

Uncovered: the real story behind global media agencies and pitch opportunities

Olivier Gauthier, Founder of COMvergence, will be sharing with us on stage his perspective on the global media agency industry and will be giving us insights on global pitches, moves and trends, billings rankings and market shares, agency acquisitions, and the 2018 global advertiser media spend & ranking.

Speaker: Olivier Gauthier, Founder, COMvergence

Launch your ads like you launch your products

Why is there such a lack of rigour in launching and ad when the stakes are as high as launching a new product? Jakob Stigler, co-founder of Mano, a danish inter-disciplinary group of strategic thinkers who connect brands with consumers, addresses the 5 orchestration principles that brands should adopt to achieve higher relevance in a hyper-competitive market. Together with Jonathan Lowth, Creative Director of Bang & Olufsen, they will be providing a best-in-class case of an internal work culture designed to eradicate siloed approaches and elevate creative and strategic thinking.

Speakers: Jonathan Lowth, Creative Director, B&O & Jakob Stigler, Co-Founder, Mano


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Festival of Media Global entry for two days at the stunning Rome Cavalieri Hotel
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Access to Welcome drinks reception
Access to Happy Hour drinks reception
Unique opportunity to meet, do business
and make new connections with the
world’s leading brands including the likes
of P&G, Coty, Toyota, Adidas, Mars
and GSK
Regular ‘Festival Intelligence’ straight to
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