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FOM Brand Lab UK



About FOM Brand Lab

Festival of Media is bringing its critically acclaimed advertiser -only training initiative, FOM Brand Lab programme, to London at Kings Place in early 2018, to educate the regions’ most innovative and biggest spending brands.

The intimate learning sessions are curated to help improve advertisers’ media understanding and marketing capability, become better clients to their media agencies, learn how to create efficient and innovative marketing teams and how to navigate the new media landscape.


Kieron Matthews, EMEA Lead, Flock Associates


Dan Brown, Director of Digital Performance, MediaSense


FOM Brand Lab Topics

Educators from the Media Sense and Flock Associates will be providing understanding and learning on a range of topics that will include:

How to safeguard your brand in the programmatic age.


The rapid growth of programmatic and data driven marketing has altered the way media is traded and audiences reached. However, recent brand safety issues have highlighted the need for greater transparency of the programmatic value chain, a better understanding of the technology limitations and the need for brands to implement their own brand safety policies. In this session MediaSense will explore these topics, providing insight into the challenges faced by advertisers and the potential solutions for safeguarding a brand in this highly fragmented and complex ecosystem.


Digital Transformation – Failure In Disguise


Digital Transformation joins the lexicon of marketing buzz words that we are latching onto including Big Data, Consumer Centric, Single Customer View to name a few, but it is open to instant failure if not done properly. Kieron will explain what ‘real’ transformation requires and some of the pitfalls to avoid the myths that exist.


Other sessions will include:

  • Digital transformation
  • Brand Safety and Viewability
  • Measurement – from social to video, what metrics do marketers use to ensure they are achieving marketing effectiveness
  • Content – Who are the real content curators and distributors and how do brands choose the right avenues for the right audience?
  • Creativity, video and mobile – How to create the perfect harmony
  • New technology – just what can AR, VR and Ai deliver for advertisers?
  • Understanding and building trust and transparency
  • Media channel effectiveness, how do brands still embrace traditional media tools, but ensure they are still on point digitally?

How to Register

To apply for a FREE pass to the FOM Brand Lab sessions you must work in a marketing role for an advertiser.


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