AGENDA: From China to Indonesia – what drives APAC’s media landscape

Every year the Festival of Media Asia Pacfic brings some of the most prolific industry leaders to its stage. This year we welcomed the likes of Dean Dacko, SVP and Head of Marketing & Products, Malasyia Airlines, Cheryl Goh, Global VP Marketing, GrabTaxi, Jeffrey Yang, CMO Huawei and many others.

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23 March 2015

08:50 Welcome & Introduction

Jeremy King, Content Director, C Squared

08:55 Welcome to Day One

Mark Laudi, Former CNBC Presenter


09:00 Malaysia Airlines: Resurfacing from crisis through social media

Malaysia Airlines' (MAS) twin disasters created ripple effects across the globe. As the crisis unfolded and the world looked to the Airline for answers, its social media team - Rally - worked night and day, managing crisis communication for the national carrier across 18 time zones and five continents.

  • Dean Dacko, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing and Products, Malaysia Airlines
  • Prashant Kumar, Regional President, IPG Mediabrands, Asia


09:30 Our time is now

Cheuk Chiang, CEO Asia Pacific Omnicom will take delegates on a journey through the APAC media landscape and how it's shaping up in comparison to the rest of the world. The Asian media landscape is the most diverse in the world. How do brands reach consumers that consume media in both hi-tech and low-tech ways in equal measure?  What are the key insights and trends driving APAC's media scene? Why should we all be celebrating the innovation, success and creativity of the industry?

  • Cheuk Chiang, CEO Asia Pacific, Omnicom Media Group


09:55 Taking China global

How does a Chinese brand successfully expand globally? What are the key drivers? What are the key trends and insights in the Chinese telecoms industry? What are the biggest challenges in achieving global success?

  • Jeffrey Yang,  CMO, Huawei
  • Celia Tong, CMO & China President, iClick Group


10:45 SpotXchange Showcase Session: What are brands trying to achieve from Mobile in SEA?

Join us for this fireside chat while we discuss and explore the real opportunity for brands and publishers to connect with consumers in a mobile environment, current limitations and considerations. We will also provide an insights to who is doing mobile well.

  • Matt Von der Muhll - Managing Director APAC, SpotXchange
  • Simon Barnett - Director of Sales for Newscorp site, BallBall
  • Benjamin Yeow - Digital Operations Director, SMG, Asia


11:25 Delivering brand intimacy via mobile

With Chinese consumers spending more time on their mobile than any other device, brands who are quick to establish intimacy with their consumers through this platform will be rewarded. How do you make a brand an indispensable part of their consumers' everyday language and life, and shed light on the art of flirting with the Chinese consumer?

  • Vivian Zhu, Managing Director, China Digital, Starcom Media Group China
  • Joshua Maa, Founder & CEO, Madhouse
  • Ethan Tsai, President & Co-Founder, AdMaster
  • Moderator: Normandy Madden, Senior VP, Thoughtful Media Group
11:50 Leveraging social media and intelligence in China

What is the key to utilising social and digital in China? How do you deal with a multi-faceted level of consumer experience and usage amongst such a vast population? How do brands keep up with a consumer that has relatively little brand trust or loyalty? With such a fragmented and diverse landscape, what are the key strategies for creating resonation and driving sales?

  • Sam Flemming, Founder & CEO, CIC
  • Hannelore Grams, Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media for Greater China, Nestlé
  • Moderator: Normandy Madden, Senior VP Thoughtful Media Group


12:20 The Future of Programmatic TV

Traditional media has become digitised; cinema distributors have moved to digital formats, outdoor has invested in digital billboards. TV is the last of the traditional media sectors to move into programmatic. These 'next generation' advertising solutions all have one thing in common, technology. It's the connective tissue between content and the consumer, brands and advertising.

  • Chris Dobson, Executive Chairman, The Exchange Lab


12.40 Making global brands local

How do you get people to engage with FMCG products? What are the key media initiatives driving the Philippines media landscape? How does a global brand adapt to the APAC consumer? What are the key issues? How is success measured?

  • Rohit Jawa, Chairman & CEO, Unilever Philippines

13:10 LUNCH

13:20 Brands Lounge: Harnessing customer insights in an era of seamless media consumption?

The special session is curated for an audience of the Marketing Society's key members, the Festival's brands delegates and speakers.

Consumption through media means platforms have jumped life cycles in numerous ways and the power now lies in using data rather than location. To be at the forefront of this, data needs to be connected at a complete customer level. Connected data allows brands to talk to customers on an individual and personalised basis, an approach which means brands can continuously evaluate and improve their media to stay ahead of this rapidly changing world.

dunnhumby, the leading customer science company, and programmatic advertising market leaders Sociomantic explore this approach and how using insight to create targeted and measurable media is more important for marketers than ever.

  • James Merritt, Country Head, Dunnhumby Thailand
  • Rohit Kumar, MD Asia Pacific, Sociomantic


14:10 Building a sustainable mobile business

If 2014 saw a lot of advertisers jumping into mobile for the first time, 2015 will be about proving what marketing can do for the business. How can brands and agencies work together so that mobile can go beyond one-off campaigns and be part of the larger marketing and business strategy of brands?

  • Arthur Policarpio, Head of Mobext, Mobext
  • Margot Torres, VP Marketing, McDonald's Philippines


14:30 Making global brands local and local brands global

What are the key techniques for taking a global brand and making it appeal to the regional consumer across Asia? How do you adapt to the nuances? How do you take those local techniques global?

  • Siew-Ting Foo, Marketing Director, SE Asia, Diageo Asia Pacific
15:00 Why innovation is wrong and brands don't want it

This session will investigate how innovation is defined and why its first endeavour must be wrong in order to be proved right. It will look at how the high risk nature of true innovation does not deliver, which in our postmodern digital age must grasp failure in order to succeed across Asia.

  • JC Oliver, Global Head of Innovation, Microsoft
15:25 From the selfie stick to the digital landscape, Asia's place at the top of the digital table?

An insight into APAC's role in defining the global digital landscape. The region, which brought the world the selfie stick is now the leader digital media innovation and creativity.

  • Joanna Flint, MD, Google Singapore


15:55 Meet the judges
Hear from members of this year's final judging jury on the key work and trends across the region.


16:30 The state of mobile in APAC 2015

This session will frame up mobile in APAC, providing data points, key insights, market contrasts, and headlining trends shaping the region in 2015.

  • Graham Christie, CCO & Founding Partner, Big Mobile Group


16:55 Taking a local brand and developing it regionally

How do you achieve this? How do you go global? How do you stay ahead of global competitors? What is the brand's strategy to keep the incoming Hailo at bay? How does the brand retain loyalty and attract new consumers?

  • Cheryl Goh, Global VP Marketing, GrabTaxi


17:15 The long and short of it: Optimizing channels to drive brand growth

With digital marketing and programmatic shifting the focus of marketing to be increasingly short-term, this session explores learnings from integrated campaigns across APAC to help drive brand growth and deliver greater ROI.

  • Straford Rodrigues, Media Practice and Marketing Science Director, Millward Brown AMAP


17:35 Let us entertain you

Music and entertainment are two key pastimes for the Asian community, but how can brands stay relevant as the digital industry and music consumption evolves? What is music technology and how can brands break up and coming artists and be part of music history?

  • Sunita Kaur, Asia Managing Director, Spotify
17:55 Closing remarks

Mark Laudi, Former CNBC Presenter



24 March 2015

09:00 Welcome to Day Two

Mark Laudi, Former CNBC Presenter


09:05 What can the West learn from the East

How do Indian brands go global? How does a global brand make a success of things in India? What can the West learn from the East?

  • Shiv Shivakumar, Chairman & CEO, PepsiCo India
09:35 Uncovering India's emerging media hub

Taking advantage of India's pool of software developers, Twitter has recently purchased Zipdial to enable the company to accelerate its growth in emerging markets. How do you create a media company that giants such as Twitter want to buy? How do you hold on to the principles that you started the company with? How important is the Indian market to global brands? Can Zipdial retain its original spirit?

  • Valerie Wagoner, Founder & CEO, ZipDial


10:45 Sizmek Showcase Session: Your Story by Design

How can advertisers differentiate themselves, improve performance and connect with audiences in a way that inspires business to take place and grow?  This is partially about good story telling but more importantly, it's about combining the power of data and creativity to allow your brand to standout and create lifelong relationships.

We need to think about digital from the start and not make it an afterthought.  Jordan Khoo will share insights on how to get the balance right.

  • Jordan Khoo, Regional VP of APAC, Sizmek


11:15 The role of brands in the 21st century

What does a brand really want? How do brands now work with agencies and owners? What are the key challenges and issues? How do you create creative content that resonates with consumers? How do you deliver one-to-one marketing?

  • Steve Blakeman, CEO, OMD APAC
  • Billy Lagor, SVP & GM, Asia-Pacific, Hasbro
  • Stephen Haines, Director Global Agency Team, Facebook
  • Moderator: Jeremy King, Content Director, C Squared
11:45 Understanding content in Asia

The Opium of the advertising community - How is content marketing being delivered? How does it work globally and in APAC? How does it become effective? How do you cut through the noise and create the most compelling content which consumers will relate to and engage with?

  • Olivier Legrand, Head of Marketing Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan, LinkedIn
12:10 Big debate - talent

Local vs. Ex-pat talent debate. What sort of talent is the key to success in APAC? What are the pros and cons of having local and ex pat staff? What wins you more business? What do clients actually think?

  • Seok Hian Tang, Head of Talent, SEA, Starcom MediaVest
  • Janice Foo, Chief Talent Officer, APAC, ZenithOptimedia
  • George Patten, MD, Accenture Interactive, Global Lead for Media management, Accenture
  • Bala Subramaniam, Regional HR Business Partner, Twitter Asia Pacific
  • Moderator: Jeremy King, Content Director, C Squared
12:45 The rise of advertising automation across Asia

This session will discuss the rise of automated advertising across the region and the impact it is having on publishers, agencies and brands. Hear about strategies for increasing ROI, organisational change and the impact of automated guaranteed in APAC, as well as how this compares with the rest of the world.

  • Moderator: Luke Fenney, SVP, Market Development, The Rubicon Project
  • Meraj Qazi, Digital Sales Director, The Wall Street Journal
  • Ros Allison, Head of Digital, ZenithOptimedia Australia
  • Henry Stokes, Director of Client Development, Xaxis APAC
  • Eddy Chan, Marketing Technology Leader, Kimberly-Clark

13:10 LUNCH

13:10 Rising Star Presentation
Watch the pitches from six of the hottest new media talents, under the age of 30, who have made the final of this year's competition supported by Starcom. Airbnb will be presiding over the finalists' work and seeing who takes home the trophy.


14:25 Understanding the Indonesia landscape

What is the strategy to break into consumers in the world's fourth biggest population? All of media wants to have a piece of the Indonesia pie, but how can this be achieved? What is Indonesia doing in media that is different to anywhere in else in the region?

  • Anita Mookerjee, CEO, MediaCom Indonesia
  • Anand Tilak, Country Head Indonesia, Facebook


14:50 The disappearance of financial transparency

Agency fees are being forced down, yet their profits are going up. How can this happen?

  • David Brocklehurst, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, FirmDecisions
  • Fadi Sahyoun, Head of Procurement, Asia Oceania Africa, Nestlé


15:20 APAC's outdoor

A 15-minute tour of trends and insights in OOH across APAC. What's new? What impact does OOH have on the APAC media market? What countries in the region are taking advantage of the medium and generating the most successful and innovative campaigns?

  • King F. Lai, CEO Asia-Pacific, Kinetic Worldwide
15:35 Rising Asia in digital

The proliferation of digital, mobile and ever-evolving user generated content in Asia has positioned this region as the next global powerhouse and the new age of digital transformation has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Through an overview of rising digital trends and insights from mobile, healthcare and education in Asia, this session explains how dynamic digital strategies and comprehensive digital tools can help drive Asian businesses to the next level.

  • Maya Hari, Director, Product Strategy & Sales of Asia Pacific, Americas & Emerging Markets, Twitter
16:00 Global lessons for a mobile region from one of the world's leading 30 under 30 entrepreneurs

Brian Wong, Kiip founder and chosen as one of the world's most innovative and creative entrepreneurs under the age of 30 gives his take on what mobile looks like? What makes mobile effective in the APAC region? What role is gamification playing in APAC, and also globally? How can brands take further advantage of the mobile offering? How do brands leverage data intelligence to define their marketing and product strategies in the offline world?

  • Brian Wong, Founder & CEO, Kiip
16:30 FOMAP 15 Wrap Up
Charlie Crowe, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, C Squared


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"The Festival of Media Asia, event was a hit! We now know where to go to meet with switched-on agency people in APAC each year"

Nick Wiggin, head of Advertising, Global, Huawei Device Co., Ltd

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